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Please Call for Current Screen Replacement Prices.. Every week the price changes.
When a phone is first released the manufactures charge a lot of money for replacement screens however as the phone ages the screens are reduced in price.

We Use only 100% Original Grades screens for all iPad Repairs.
Our iPad Screen repairs tend to be a little more expensive than Shopping Booth Repair Stores, (only a little bit) the reason for this is that we use a very high quality screen and we repair to Apple's specifications, so basically, our screens work properly, don't break easily & don't fall off easily.

We can Repair & Replace almost all problems with your iPad, be it any of the following or something not listed.

    • Microphone

    • Vibe motor problems

    • Reception Problems

    • Cameras and lens's

    • Intermittent issues

    • Damaged, Cracked or Broken Screens

    • Rear Main Chassis Replacement

    • Faulty Buttons, Power/Home/ volume 

    • Battery Problems

    • Speaker, audio problems

    • Charging Problems (Chargeports cannot be replaced
                                                                on models since 2016 )


Water Damage: Some water damage problems can be corrected however please note that 50% of water damaged phones never work again.

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